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We provide professional commercial cleaning services in the Upstate New York area. After years of experience, our friendly, trained and certified team makes it our mission to provide you with a quick, high-quality and affordable cleaning service. We maintain direct and reliable communication with all of our customers. Our main cleaning services consist of office spaces, bars and restaurants, bathrooms, post-construction cleaning and more. Get in touch with us today or read on to learn more about our company and services.

What We Offer

commercial cleaning

We provide cleaning services to all different types of commercial properties. Indoor and out, we pay close attention to detail and will keep your commercial property looking and feeling sparkling clean at all times.

carpet cleaning

Using professional equipment, we can clean all different types of carpets and rugs to keep them looking clean and brand new, get rid of stains and more.

window cleaning

We can clean all windows on any building to make sure they stay clear and streak-free.

covid-19 cleaning

We know that just because something may look clean, it does not mean it actually is clean. We have the knowledge and experience to heavily clean and sanitize all surfaces on any property to ensure a safe environment and to get rid of any germs and bacteria.

office space

We can clean desks, computers, floors, windows, doors and door handles, and more to ensure a safe and clean working environment.


We will clean any bar space before and after opening and closing to get rid of any germs and bacteria, stickiness, stains and more.


We are thorough and pay close attention to detail and will clean any restaurant spaces to make it look and feel good as new to all employees or customers.


We clean warehouse spaces to ensure it stays clean, picked up and safe. We can also provide post-construction cleaning services after any project to get rid of any dangerous items or debris from construction.


We have years of experience cleaning banks and we make sure to keep every surface germ and bacteria free, tidy and bright. Contact us today to hear more of the services we offer.




The EnviroShield system combines a state-of-the-art sprayer delivery system with a powerful disinfectant that has earned the highest possible safety rating. This combination of safety and effectiveness is why we call EnviroShield “The Science of Disinfecting.”

Carpet Cleaning Services

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